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Viatran has more than 40 years experience in the automotive industry. Our pressure sensors are used during the manufacturing process to ensure the safety the vehicles through rigorous testing.

Viatran's automotive expertise ranges from Engine Test Stand to Automotive Paint to Automotive Stamping Press.

Engine Test Stand

Engine Test StandViatran's "45" Series pressure transmitters provide engine test stand customers withan accurate means of electronic pressure measurement. Since many operating variables which can affect an engine's performance are tested throughout the manufacturing process, engine manufacturers require various types of measurement products that offer superior accuracy and versatility to meet their diverse engine test specifications. From design acceptance through production testing, Viatran's "45" Series offers engineers the choices they need to meet changing specifications. To learn more about this application, please click on Engine Test Stand.


Automotive Paint

Automotive PaintViatran has designed a complete line of pressure measurement products for automotive paint spraying systems. These product cover pressure measurements from 30" VC to 15,000 PSI. Automotive paint spraying systems require air and liquid pressure measurement throughout the mixing, storing and spraying process; and each stage has unique needs. The pressure transmitters that control the air compressor must be simple, reliable and reasonably priced. Transmitters in the paint line need to be flush and smooth for easy cleaning and changeover. Also, the presence of solvents in some paints may require an explosion proof or intrinsically safe transmitter. If you are interested in find out more about this, simply click on Automotive Paint application note.

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