Calibration Policies

This Calibration Service is only valid for Viatran Hammer Unions (Models 509, 709, 809, 510, 511, 520, 521, 522) which require recalibration.   A standard recalibration from Viatran has a flat price of $100 which includes a surface cleaning, 6 point linearity, hysteresis, zero repeat, zero and full scale error, and shunt cal value.  Click this link for an example of a calibration certificate you will receive from a standard calibration.  Custom calibrations are available; contact us at  for options.

All units submitted to a calibration will receive a calibration certificate and new packaging.  Viatran customer service can regenerate your calibration certificate at a later date upon request at no charge.

If a calibration results in a reading which is out of specification, customer service will contact you to determine if you want to submit those units to a full cleaning and 17 point inspection.  After the full cleaning and inspection, a quotation will be sent to you with a summary of work required and costs to repair or replace your units.  You will then be able to arrange for repair of out of specification units with a new purchase order or an amendment of the original purchase order.  The initial $100 standard calibration fee will still be charged above and beyond the cost to repair the units.

If a unit is submitted to the full cleaning and 17 point inspection and is determined non repairable, you will be given the option to replace with new or to have Viatran scrap the unit on site.  A $50 bench fee for the full inspection will be charged if you decide to scrap or return the unit as is.  If you wish to have the unit returned as is, we will return the unit and the $50 bench fee will apply.  To clarify, total out of pocket costs for a unit sent in for a standard calibration which is out of specification and is sent to inspection and deemed non repairable is a total of $150.

If a unit is unable to be calibrated due to damaged components or excessive contamination, the calibration fee will still be charged and the calibration certificate will reflect a failed unit with no readings.

Viatran can only accept hard copy purchase orders, verbal purchase orders will not be accepted.

Credit card orders require an email, fax or hard copy letter advising Viatran Customer Service that Viatran has the authorization to use your credit card.

Shipping and handling fees are to be paid by the customer for units being returned to Viatran for calibration.  This includes all customs fees for international customers sending units to Viatran for calibration.  The customer also is responsible for coordinating shipments through customs to the Viatran facility.

For easier traceability, Viatran recommends use of a common carrier when returning goods to Viatran on an RMA like DHL, UPS or FedEx.

Viatran will not accept units if they have been exposed to hazardous materials.  Units Viatran deems to be hazardous will be disposed of at the customer’s expense.

By returning units on RMA provided above, I indicate my agreement with the terms and policies outlined in this document.

Please sign this document and include a copy with the returned items.


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