Calibration Software and Accessories

DevCom2000-Lite Communication Software

 Viatran has partnered with ProComsol to bring you an “easy to use” method for calibrating our hammer unions in the field. DevCom2000-Lite software enables your PC to communicate with Viatran Models 511,521 & 522 Hammer Union pressure transmitters via the HART®communication protocol.

All you need to get started is a Windows® based PC or laptop, a HART® Modem and a 250 Ω loop resistor to connect to the Viatran hammer union pressure transmitter.

Features Benefits
Trim "Zero" output thru the pins No need to open up a transmitter or do special wiring to trim “Zero”
Adjust "Span"

Field Calibration with a known pressure source is now possible. Keep your pressure transmitters in service for longer periods between factory calibrations

Read Data Ability to read Pressure (PSI), Peaks and the total time the unit has been powered.
Store Data

User Info, Device Info, HART® Info, and 5 calibration dates are able to be stored in the unit being adjusted.

Reset to Factory Settings When needed, a reset to factory default settings is available.
Windows Interface Familiar Windows Interface allows easy access to the functions needed. No more struggling through endless menus to find what you want.
HART® Communication Protocol Widely recognized as the industry standard for digitally enhanced  4-20 mA smart instruments, this protocol provides many benefits while working with 4-20 mA systems.


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