Pulp & Paper

Managers in today's pulp and paper mills are under increasing pressure to respond to the rapidly changing and extremely competitive environment. Viatran has more than forty years of experience providing pressure transmitters/transducers specific to the pulp and paper industry. Below you can see many resources that are available to learn more about pressure transmitters/transducers. One such resource is a technical article Using Viatran's Field Calibration Feature.

Using Viatran's Field Calibration Feature

An important feature of many Viatran pressure transmitters is the internal field calibration (cal) signal. This feature allows quick field set-up because the transmitter is not removed from service and a precise pressure source is not required. The field cal signal 'simulates' a known pressure that allows for zero and span adjustment; and, in turn, ensures accurate pressure transmitter measurements. It can then be used for calibrating data acquisition equipment and safety limit alarms, and also for ranging units to read lower pressures at Full Scale Output. This Technical Note explains how the calibration feature works and how to use it.

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