Viatran's Model 511 awarded IECEx hazardous area approval


Viatran announced today that it has secured IECEx hazardous area approvals for their Model 511 hammer union pressure transmitter designed for use in Zone 0 flammable atmospheres as encountered in many oil and gas applications.

IECEx approval criteria ensure that pressure transmitters are engineered and installed in a manner that will not create an explosive hazard in flammable environments. These environments can include ignitable vapors and gases typical in and around oil and gas drilling operations.

Bruce Temple, Viatran’s Certification/Regulation Lead Engineer, explains the importance of this certification. “Because our solutions are used globally, our products must be approved for use worldwide. For a significant number of countries, IECEx certification on industrial instrumentation used in hazardous areas is mandatory. This certification assures users that our pressure transmitters have undergone detailed design review, testing, and qualification by an independent, recognized body to assure safe operation in flammable atmospheres.”

The Model 511 Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter now has IECEx approval, ATEX approvals, FM approvals for the USA or Canada and the CE Mark of conformity as available options. All certification documents are available online at .

For more information on the Viatran Model 511 and the complete Drilling Series, Call us at 1-800-688-0030, visit us at or Email us at .

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