New Viatran Freeze Valve Detects Presence or Absence of Water in Liquefied Propane Gas


Grand Island, NY (January 11, 2008) . . . A newly launched product from Viatran Corporation simply and reliably indicates the presence or absence of dissolved water in liquefied propane gas (LPG). By detecting the presence of water, the Viatran AT-1000 Freeze Valve can indicate if freeze damaging water is present in the LPG, thereby allowing the operator to take action that may prevent freezing in the regulator, which would interrupt the normal flow of gas.

Unlike other expensive, complex moisture content indicators such as dewpoint analyzers, the Viatran AT-1000 freeze valve is a low-cost, handheld, portable device that provides a relative (qualitative) test method. It is designed for use by field personnel to quickly and easily determine dryness of the LPG. Typical applications include use on bulk storage tanks, transfer lines, and tank trucks.

“This is an extremely useful product for any field personnel who are responsible for LPG tanks,” said Douglas Joy, Viatran Oil & Gas Segment Leader. “At just 1.1 lbs. and 8” long, the freeze valve is easy to carry and provides a fast, simple way to detect moisture in the fuel.”

How it Works

In operation, the Freeze Valve is affixed to the LPG line. The valve is opened fully to chill the housing; then it is set to a restricted flow test position. In this test position, the pressure drop causes an increased cooling effect. Once the valve is set to restricted flow, the operator begins timing the number of seconds until ice forms on the aperture. At that point when the flow stops due to the freeze obstruction, the elapsed time is observed. The test is repeated three times to provide consistent freeze-off times within +/- 10% according to industry guidelines ASTM D 2713 and JLPGA S-10T.

The AT-1000 Freeze Valve can be used to meet the ASTM and Japan LP Gas Association (JLPGA) standards for LPG dryness.

Each freeze valve is flow tested and comes with a conformance sheet and foam-padded carrying case.

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About Dynisco

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