Flush-Tip Patent Awarded


Viatran’s Model 385 now has Patented Pressure Sensor Diaphragm Technology that Increases Stability and Performance
Viatran engineers Surinder Sood, Joel Neri and William Wilson have developed a pressure sensor diaphragm technology with the goal of providing a sensor with increased stability and performace. 
On December 26, 2017 the United States recognized their work by granting Utility Patent US 9,851,272 B2 for their invention.
One of the first Viatran products to benefit from their work is the Model 385 Flush Tip Pressure Transmitter which was designed to meet the rigorous demands placed on pressure transmitters used for well-servicing applications including manifold charge and high-pressure pump suction pressure measurements.

Features of the Model 385 pressure transmitter include:
• Flush Tip (Zero Cavity Design)
• Patented Solid Stainless-Steel Diaphragm
• Isolated Sensor Design that virtually eliminates installation torque effect
• Withstands 5 times Proof Pressure at 0-500 psi range
• Withstands 20 times Burst Pressure at 0-500 psi range
• High Accuracy (≤ +/-0.5% FSO)
• IP68 rating (Fully welded and sealed housing)
Thanks to the Viatran Engineers mentioned above, minimizing the torque effect on the diaphragm has eliminated the need to adjust the instrument after installation, the ability to withstand pressure spikes up to 5 times the 0-500 psi range extends the life of the transmitter when cavitation is a risk in the system and the patented pressure sensor diaphragm technology has resulted in a very stable unit with the high perfomance and data integrity needed for acidizing, blending, cementing and fracturing applications.  This new pressure sensor diaphragm technology will also be incorporated in future product releases.
For more information on the Viatran Model 385 Flush-Tip pressure transmitter:
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